Thursday, December 22, 2005

Time for some new interns…

Check out this photo mistake by the Philadelphia Weekly:

And now for today's Philadelphia Weekly Do media minutiae: There's a correction in today's Inquirer that, at face value, seems pretty banal:

A photo of Temple basketball player Keith Butler was misidentified in Sunday's editions.
Now, a quick perusal of Sunday's paper will find no mention of Keith Butler (top center). But it will show his photo -- next to a story about Antywane Robinson, who Temple Coach John Chaney calls the "one of the great shooters that we've ever had here."

So, obviously, the paper accidentally ran Butler's photo. (An analysis couldn't determine if the guy in the photo was Butler or not, but it's safe to say it was.... Trust me... it is)

No big deal. Except that, well, Butler left the team after last season and is now sitting out the season after transferring to DePaul. So, you know, it's easier to find a photo of a guy who left the team than with one who's currently on it. I suppose that makes sense.

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