Friday, December 02, 2005

Temple Falls to Rutgers: No Way Outta the Rack

Mardy and Antwayne met after Sundays game against Miami and talked about how they wanted to build on the success of that win, they spoke on how in the past they haven’t taken advantage of the opportunities to win easy games and how this season they didn’t want any of that to take place… then they go out and shoot 29% against Rutgers and loose at the Rack. What a disappointing loss. I’m not even gonna speak on the one upside which was Antwayne scoring a career high 24 points and keeping his impressive season rolling because it might overshadow the fact that this is absolutely inexcusable. I’m not knocking the Scarlet Knights but Temple should win that game. Quincy Douby is gonna get his when you play Rutgers, especially in New Brunswick but that shouldn’t keep Chaney and the boys from getting a fuckin MUCH NEEDED win. Now Temple is in the position where if they stumble against Penn on Saturday they drop below .500 and the skeptics are once again in full force. I predicted Temple would win Wednesday and this Saturday. Now I am saying Temple NEEDS to win Saturday. A must win game early in the season might be a little harsh but in order to get back into the tournament with the schedule we play we just have to have those kinda wins.

I didn’t see the game. It wasn’t on TV and I had no way of getting out to Jersey so I can’t break it down but I read the recap that told me Mardy was held without points until the 38th minute of the game. Mardy!? What the fuck!? Temple rides with Mardy and he needs to lead us. Chaney commented after the game that he needs to understand that teams are gonna key on him. That’s fair but if you’re the elite player that I think you are you gotta be able to get yours no matter what. That’s just not cutting it. Your playing for redemption for your university and your playing for a guaranteed contract. Remember that. There are 30 teams in the NBA and if one of them don’t call your name your not guaranteed a fucking thing. I’m not questioning your heart I’m just saying get the fuck up for the game against Rutgers like you would get up for the game against Duke or Maryland.

Chaney said in the press conference that “we got nothing from the middle…” Well John what do you expect? 20 and 10 from Dion? 40 minutes from Ivory? It’s not gonna happen, make adjustments. It’s not Armageddon I just get pissed off when I hear shit from people about a loss like this when the birds should take a dump on Rutgers. Fuck dumb shit and fuck stupid losses. Without ‘Twayne the Owls shot like 16% from the floor. Get your asses into Mcgonicle and work on the stroke cause come Saturday the Palestra is gonna be loud and the kids from Penn are gonna be ready. They look at this game like yall are Duke or something and they will be waiting to know you off…. I’m out like like Quincy Douby on the fastbreak.


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