Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The spirit of Charles Barkley watches from the rafters as the real Charles Barkley mocks from the sidelines...
"Either Auburn is that good, or Temple is that bad... What do you think Kenny?"
If Auburn had managed to convince Sir Charles to suit up once again for the Tigers I may have let this slide... However he was at ringside to witness the knockout.

As the loss to Auburn resonates I am still unable to accept what happened but I am now willing to admit that it did happen and that what took place on the my television wasn’t a punishment from the Lords of Rebound.


I refuse to recap the game. For those that demand a recap let me first say that my viewing of the game was halted due to the 4 overtimes played by La Salle and Central Connecticut that caused me to miss the first half of play. By the time the buzzer sounded and CSN switched over to the Owls the score read 45-23. The first words out of the announcers mouth was something along the lines of… “What on earth has gotten into Mardy Collins? He is totally off his game so far today.” Just what I was looking to hear. Truth.

I watched the second half with a heavy heart. No one got it going and a mediocre Auburn team put a beat down on Temple that those guys should remember for long after the horn sounded. Coach Chaney had this to say after the loss:


“Our players feed off of scoring and that is the tragedy of our team. When they are not making baskets, they are not playing basketball.”

As crazy as Coach Chaney can be with some of his post game comments he was right on point this time. This is a group of guys that feel they can really stroke the ball when the reality of it is they just can’t. With the exception of Dustin, I would list every other Temple player as a mediocre at best three point shooter but they continue to jack long ball after long ball. When the shots go clank it becomes very tough to watch. Even when the shots are falling I often wonder when the hot hands will begin to draw cold… Look no further then the big win against Alabama. Great game, solid win, but without that amazing first half from downtown I wonder if they would have had enough to stay in the game?

My point is this. We are the Temple Owls. We are a grind it out, hand in the face, chest to chest team that will never become an overpowering offensive weapon. We need good shots to win and we need to limit opponent’s good shots to stay in the game. I know the game of basketball is making a transition back to the high scoring days and if we had the weapons to get into that kind of fight I would be with it but we would be bringing a knife to a gun fight, paint gun to a shootout with real gats and so forth.

Let’s strap up and return to the days where 50 points was an opponent’s goal against Temple. Any game we try to match a team bucket for bucket not only are we playing into their hand but that’s a hand outside of a few games in the A-10 that will most likely be a loser….

On Thursday we got the Gamecocks at the Liacorous Center. This will not be a pushover. South Carolina knows our scheme and will be prepared to do battle. This is a must win game for Temple and we will finally see if as far as bouncing back… they are like Dwight Howard on a rebound.


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