Thursday, December 22, 2005

Return of the Mack...
"Listen Wayne, I'm gonna need you to keep your ass outta foul trouble tonight. Or there will be hell to pay! You hear me! Keith is gone, the team is yours now! SONOFABITCH!"

Coach Chaney let the good word out last night... Big Wayne is back and will play this evening against South Carolina.

Judging from the cloudy reports around what was actually wrong with him its tough to say what kind of a contribution he will have. If his situation was indeed similar to that of Eddy Curry's it could be an ill-afforded long road to recovery but... I think anything he can do will help the Owl's at this point. I am most interested in seeing the rotation now that Wayne, Sergio, and Anthony can all play the five combined with how this affects the wing play of the TU guards.

I hope this move opens up the floor for my main man Mardy C. Collins will be looking to get the ball low to Marshall 'cause he knows by doing so he will open the floor up for himself. Rusty or not Wayne still has the ability to step out and knock down some shots, use the up and under for some EZ hoops and hit his free throws when he gets to the stripe.

I'm excited about this development and although this wont be Wayne being all Wayne can be its a step in the right direction for a group desperate for a win against the gamecocks...


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