Friday, December 23, 2005

Got All of North Philly Asking "Hows He Still So Good?"
Temple beats the 'Cocks (No Homo)
"As far as bouncin back... Wayne's like Ben Wallace on a rebound..."
In the NBA they say that everybody makes a run. Well Temple chose an opportune time to make their run last night in a home game against South Carolina. A 15-4 push that began around the six minute mark of the ballgame gave the Owls a much needed 63-50 win over South Carolina @ the LIA center. The Owls were sparked by Wayne Marshall's return and although his stat line wasn't that impressive Big Wayne was changing shots and keeping balls alive while giving Temple a much needed inside presence.
Although he was hampered by foul trouble Wayne was still able to impact the ballgame which was turned into another breakout game for senior Antwayne Robinson. 'Twizzy lived up to Chaney's billing that he was "One of the best shooters we've ever had" last night pacing the Owls with 18 points on 7 of 12 shooting. Antwayne cannot create his own shot but why is that important when he moves so well without the ball? I think its fair to say that he is the seasons biggest surprise and is quickly turning into everyone's favorite (And certainly most consistent) Owl.
Even though South Carolina hung close up until the door was shut by that late Temple run I never felt like the game was anything but Temple's to lose. USC had a hard time getting good shots and being an undersized team they weren't able to exploit the Owls inability in the middle. However they were a scrappy bunch and had won 6 of 8 going into the game so all in all its a nice win.
Mardy Collins fought off another abysmal performance with a few nice moves and easy buckets in the second half to finish with 15 points. One series of plays saw Mardy get a nice look from Mark for an easy layup, he then followed up a Tyndale steal for a dunk and got a steal of his own which he finished with two hands. 11 of his 15 came in the second half. Not to sound like a hater but my man Mardy C is gonna need to start knocking down some free throws if he wants that draft stock to rise. My man was one of four from the line last night. Yo MC, why not even your body up with the basket before you shoot? You seem to be off to the right or left of the rim each time you miss. Square those shoulders baby!
"MC... and ya don't stop"
Temple showed some fire last night in the win. Simon Gratz product Mark Tyndale was billed as a hothead coming into college but he has played with class thus far in almost every game I have seen him in. If a player is on the ground I have seen Mark extend a hand or pat a guy on the ass (No Homo) after a foul. Last night I saw some of that fire I had heard about but it was channeled in an excellent manner. After a big rebound Mark ran down the court and was setting a low screen for the shooter. As he did this he was screaming in the face of Bryce Sheldon of USC. Theres nothing wrong with that and it was nice for Mark to let Mr. Sheldon know he can't jump with him. Say no more. I see you Big Mark.
"Hope you brough an extra clip... it's young uzi"
Rick Brunson was at the game last night and I had a chance to talk with him for a second as he made his rounds. Nice guy, great player. Also refreshing to see a man come back and show love to his old team and neighborhood. Rick was definitely getting a lot of love from the North Philly old heads in the building. Shout outs to Fred Burton aka 38 Don't Hate for the introduction. Get well soon Mark, the Sonics need the backcourt help.
Also... shoutout to the Temple Women who were aided by the play of one Fatima Maddux who gave them 8 points and 6 rebounds in 22 minutes of play. This was Fatima's second game with the Owl's after transferring last year from New Mexico. We see you out there.
Candance Dupree is the female Chris Bosh. Early.


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