Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Temple 2005-2006
Go to War and We Aint Making a Dime...

The Owls are off to a 2-1 start this season. Fallen are the good old boys at Army and Miami and UCLA is currently playing the spoilers to what was to be the perfect season. (!)

I am gonna take a look at this years schedule and make some predictions about where I see the see the Owls landing… Without further ado, lets go!

I expect wins at Rutgers, Penn and against Princeton. Any true TU fan can recall the days when these teams would whimper at the feet of Chaney and his crew but the reality is these teams have given Temple problems in the past couple years. Rutgers has owned Temple and play them extra tough at home. I think the game should be won by the Owls and if this team is gonna do anything this season they are going to have to dig in against a squad like the Scarlet Knights.

One of the worst beat downs I ever witnessed as an Owls fan came at the hands of Penn at the Palestra. Penn connected on what seemed like every three they attempted while the UPENN student section browbeat the Owls with signs like, “In the morning we’ll be sober, but you’ll still be going to Temple.” Rough game. Rough night. Last year Temple took care of Penn with relative ease but those guys know how to pick at the zone and if they hit their three balls they will give us problems. I still predict a win, even though the game takes us back to the Palestra… Fuck it. I am gonna call this a revenge game. Mardy and ‘Twayne should remember that beating, it was their freshmen year.

Heading into Princeton shouldn’t be tough but the motion and the discipline shown by these Ivy League teams seems to keep them in the game against Temple. Its funny but when the Owls play a big-time program I feel confident they may be baffled by the zone but a smaller school I feel will be more prepared. This is definitely the case with Princeton. Last year at home we needed a non-goaltending call at the buzzer to escape with the victory. I’m hoping for an easier time this season.

So this would put the boys at 5-1 on the year and have them off to their best start since I can recall… The rest of the season the non-conference schedule will be tough. I think the Owls get wins against South Carolina, Auburn, and Alabama. I see them losing to Duke at the Wachovia. I could sit here and bitch about Duke not playing Temple at the Liacorous Center, but I can’t see them winning that game. Coach K wont sleep on TU and I think the young bol McRoberts will present matchup problems as well as the Sherriff aka Sheldon Williams, but look for the Owls to hang tough with the Blue Devils. I also see that game as an important one for Mardy’s draft status. Last year the games against Wake and Duke helped him tremendously and this season with the eyes already on him he will need some nice numbers not only to keep Temple in the game but to help him out for next June.

The Maryland game is tough to call. I expected a win last season and was disappointed with the effort given. I am leaning towards a loss just because of the way last years game went. Temple wasn’t even close to matching Maryland’s intensity level. Hopefully the home crowd will swing things in the Owls favor... And what was up with Caner-Medley going off against TU? They need to put the clamps on that bol, he is suspect.

I think ‘Nova will be a loss. We beat them last year by one in what turned out to be the biggest win of the season for the Owls and clearly Butler's best game of last season. They wont forget that, especially with the hype around the big 5 in the Philadelphia area.

So I have the Owls finishing at 19-9 This is a bit bold, I admit but I think we will split with St. Joes and I don’t see many stupid loses within the A-10. I have GW taking us out at their place, as well as Charlotte simple because I think Withers is gonna present matchup problems and they can shoot the ball extremely well. I don’t see La Salle, UMass, Richmond or Dayton presenting much of a problem. Fordham caught us at their place last year and that wont happen again.

I can’t see far enough into the future to call whether or not we can win the A-10. Lemme just go on record saying I am betting on the Owls and I think that’s a decent wager. GW is tough but they aren’t a goliath. St. Joes plays us well but we’re due and fuck the past ‘cause the goon thing changed everything anyway…. I am gonna predict a return to the tournament this year but lets wait till it get closer to March to reveal how much damage can be done against the 64 other winners… Fuck the haters, go Owls and B EZ


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